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We are now a mobile hearing aid center.

Let us come to you.


We provide a wide variety of services

All make hearing aid cleanings and tube replacements. Batteries, RIC receivers, battery drawers, filters, and earmolds.

Enrich your hearing experience

Expand the possibilities of your hearing aids with our wide range of easy to use accessories

Charging Base

Charge your Moxi Fit R, Moxi All R or Stride M R hearing aids overnight and stay in the conversation all day.

Remote control 2

Customize your listening on the go by discreetly adjusting volume and switching programs.


Get discreet stereo connectivity to wireless devices, like mobile phones, TV's, tablets and uMics with this streamer. Plus enjoy remote control functions.

uTV 3

Enjoy TV again with stereo sound from the TV delivered to both hearing aids through a streamer.

uDirect 3

Connect to conversations through mobile phones, uMics and FM receivers with this streamer. Enjoy stereo-sound entertainment from tablets, TVs and mobile phones. Plus take advantage of remote control functions.


Hear a companion more easily in challenging environments by having them wear a uMic. Their voice is then transmitted to the hearing aids through a streamer.

Moxi Jump R Charger

A case, a charging station and a drying station all in one.